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Energy Innovation Center

The Energy Innovation Center will be established in Q4 of 2022. This innovative new entity will attract industry, support research facilities, and develop local clean energy projects. The resulting large-scale, high-impact initiatives will position Lewis County and the Pacific Northwest as energy leaders in this rapidly developing landscape. By utilizing federal and state grant opportunities, we will jumpstart renewable energy development for the betterment of our region.

Hydrogen Development Project

The Energy Innovation Coalition, Economic Alliance of Lewis County, Twin Transit, and Port of Chehalis are developing a multi-prong hydrogen project. When complete, this initiative will include a hydrogen refueling station featuring community-centric health concepts, and a network of local hydrogen production.

This initiative has significant economic potential, with the possibility of infusing tens of millions of investment dollars into the community, maximizing existing industry, developing new infrastructure, and creating a new public sector entrepreneurial model.

Economic Impact

The Energy Innovation Center will yield untold benefits and economic impact. The hydrogen economy alone is anticipated to see a 50-fold expansion, becoming a $201 billion market by 2025. Already a clean energy provider, Lewis County is also eligible for significant grant opportunities and private sector development. Additional benefits include:

  • Private and public revenue generation
  • Job and wage growth
  • Development of ongoing sustainable and dependable local energy